Building Emotional Resilience

Keeping sane and engaged in these times of a rampaging social media.

Only on Saturday

(5 - 6 pm, Limited seats, 5-6 persons per session)




Do you feel swamped with the millions of daily messages on social media? Do you feel tired and confused and unsure what is a truth or a lie?  Do you feel like everyone is out to sell you something they claim you lack? Do you feel like you are constantly being bullied, manipulated? Do you feel fragmented, ill at ease with yourself? Do you feel stressed, anxious, surrounded by “negativity”? Are you grappling with how to cope, stay engaged, thrive, and learn in this new reality?

If the answer to any of the above is yes then, Asvattha invites you to attend a one hour, free, conversation to get a glimpse of how we can apply a psychoanalytical framework for thinking about, understanding and deriving insight both about the message and about our own sense of self, our identity; what we deeply believe in and why, what we find of value or not, and one which, with practice, enables us to build a level of much required emotional resilience. 

Work Desk

Scheduled Courses

Only on Sundays

(4 hours per Sunday)

Understanding Organisational Cultures

Start date: TBD

End date:  

Benefits of Course

For you as an individual 

    ⁃    Being productive within the group/organization in an extremely short time
    ⁃    Being able to fit into the culture while holding on to your difference
    ⁃    Understanding your anxiety triggers so you are more in control
    ⁃    Understanding what is really expected from your role 
    ⁃    Being able to maintain a reflexive stance even in conflicting situations 
    ⁃    Understanding situations of conflict 

For the organization


    ⁃    A collaborative team worker
    ⁃    Quick on-boarding of new joinees
    ⁃    A more productive individual
    ⁃    An individual who will negotiate for solutions

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