Organisational Cultures



Some of us are about to step into the Organisation. Some of us are already enmeshed in it. No matter what our role or where in this journey we currently are it is going to be life changing. It is going to challenge us, give us hope, frustrate us, make us wonder what the point of it all is, to question our very life purpose.


At its heart the organization is a hotbed of unpredictability, constant change, chaos and complexity.  More so in this globalized world. And as we engage with this complex entity we will be tempted to flee/fight or freeze as we suffer unmet expectations, anxiety, interpersonal and internal conflict, dysfunctional relationships, a feeling of lack of not being good enough, not being valued or getting one's due, not achieving goals, cynicism, distrust and dissatisfaction…


For the organization dissatisfied people results in a high turnover, productivity challenges, employee misalignment, organizational instability, poor market image, reduced profitability, and if this continues maybe the very survival of the organization.

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