How often have you got up in the middle of the night with an uncertain feeling of dread? How often have you forgotten answers to questions in an exam paper? How often in a presentation have you forgotten the key lines? How often have you left a meeting feeling you have done something wrong? How often have you started babbling when your boss asks you a question?


I doubt there is anyone whoever disagree that we live in an “age of anxiety.” Every sphere of life, personal, political, economic, business, professional, or domestic is rife with this problem of anxiety. It is not just situations the more personal sources, namely our inner confusion, psychological disorientation, and uncertainty with respect to values and acceptable standards of conduct that cause us anxiety but also threats of war, of the pandemic, of the uncontrolled atom bomb, and of radical political and economic upheaval. Psychologists have identified anxiety as the crucial cause of emotional and behavioural disorders.

Being part of a group, though it offers much in terms of possibilities and is a choice we make, is an ongoing exercise in anxiety. They don’t like me, they are laughing at me, have I made a mistake, he is out to get me, they think I am stupid, they are going to reject my ideas, I am not good enough, all these guys are experts…on and on it goes. The more anxious we feel the more mistakes we are going to make and the more eager to fight/flee from situations instead of working through them with maturity. It thus becomes important to understand both the source of the anxiety and its nature. 


The experiential workshop will enable you to take make sense of your anxiety before it drives you down paths not of your choosing.

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