Organization in the Mind


We all have a mental picture of the organization we are a part of. It is a constantly evolving image as we experience different aspects of it (the organization). Unfortunately, it is rarely articulated and so we are unaware of the impact it has on us or how it influences us and drives our thoughts, feelings and behaviour. A large part of our anxiety within an organizational context could probably be reduced if we had a sense of this Organization in our mind.

If we were to be asked to describe our organization there is a high probability we would talk in objective facts; organizational structure, hierarchy, business strategy, business processes, technology strategy, roles/designations and of course the impact of the external environment on the organization. But we would have missed what really counts for us as individuals; our subjective perspective of the impact the organization has on our mental state. And yet without it we will be working in the shadows, unclear, unsure, always with a sense of an ineffectiveness in our functioning, of somehow having made a mistake or not living up to expectations.


How do we get a sense of the impact the organization has on us? What we feel about it? Are we intimidated by it? Or is it opening up a world of possibilities? Is it helping us to grow, learn or is it killing our initiative?


To understand that and more, I invite you to join our workshop.

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