The Unconscious

How often have we called someone by another name? Or forgotten a person's name? Or used a word other than the word we meant; he is a very generous and "selfish" (where the word meant was selfless) person. Or left an article at someone's home? Or broken a valuable artefact?


Now one could say these are accidents but then again sometimes we can sense there seems to be a hidden pattern, an underlying meaning we are not able to grasp. Depth psychologists attribute this to what they call the Unconscious. In much the same way as the force of gravity can't be seen and can only be felt, so the Unconscious is invisible. And yet, without assuming its existence it is difficult to explain behaviour. How many times have we asked ourselves why did I lose my temper, why did I not say what I wanted, why did I act in the way I did when I knew it wasn't what I wanted to do? How frequently have we felt at conflict with ourselves, not in control of ourselves?

Who has not seen this image or a variation of it? Most people attempting to explain the mind would have shown it. Comparing the top of the iceberg to our consciousness. And the bottom, to all that of which we are Unconscious. What we know of our minds is a small fragment compared to what is hidden below. But it is this invisible below that not just influences us but drives us, forcing us to behave and act in ways that are at odds with who we think we are or want to be.


What if we could get in touch with our Unconscious? Wouldn’t we be far clearer about what drives us, our motivations, our conflicts, and our behaviour? Imagine the power and freedom that would give us.


But how?

One way is of course by spending years and years talking to the depth psychologist. Unfortunately, not all of us have this opportunity or the time and money. And so, the alternative is to slowly build up our own understanding with patience, awareness and reflexivity. 


This experiential workshop starts you on this fascinating journey to “know thyself”.

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