Understanding Organisational Cultures

How do we overcome this?

To become a doctor you need to study medicine, to become a lawyer you need to study law, to become an architect you need to study architecture. But for some strange reason while the disciplines teach us the appropriate skills, they don't teach us about what it means to work in an Organisation.


This experiential workshop is a course correction.


Through a new way of thinking and understanding that will not just enable us to be effective but also enjoy the journey. Through an understanding of dynamics of Culture; about making sense of the unseen, the unspoken, the hidden, to read between the lines,  to identify patterns, to develop deep and systemic appreciations of a situation, understand the irrational, hidden dynamics of motivation and team processes, to work with the Unconscious so we can forge effective actions, grow, learn, innovate and become leaders who are able to:


  • Understand our role and relationship to the organisation

  • Align to organisational goals 

  • Connect with purpose

About the Program

The 14 hour program(Only on Sundays, 4 hours per Sunday) offers an immersion into the psychodynamic, the hidden and ever changing, mindset in the workplace. We will learn ways of observing, of thinking, of understanding that will create new  

What is the Format/Methodology of the Program?

There will be several methods for understanding we will adopt:

  • Discussions

  • Enactments of situations

  • Learning through Movies


insights and meaning. We will focus on using reflexivity to recognise and learn from emotional experience. To make sense of that vague feeling that always lies below the surface and which we are unable to verbalise. The program offers a space in which to learn new perspectives and approaches to the organisation to expand and enhance our ability to function effectively within its context, and to better negotiate the challenges that are inevitable.

We will leave the training with an improved knowledge of human nature and a better sense of how our own workplace functions.


This is not a program that offers success on a platter, or some formulaic improvement in performance. Instead it offers an enhancement of emotional intelligence and intellectual capacities through which the high anxiety battlefield the workplace is, can be reflected on, and worked through.

What will we be working through?

The first 14 hours will be spent establishing an understanding of the Unconscious, understanding groups and then organizations, closing with our idea of the organization in our mind. Once the foundation has been laid, we will look at specific organizational phenomena; anxiety, defenses, and identity through which we will also get an understanding of how motivation and conflict are played out.

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