Updated: Jun 19

Mythology has it that the Asvattha tree is where the gods, embodiments of the three principles of creation, preservation and destruction, live. Sitting under it, they engage and discuss matters pertaining to the universe and humankind. It is also the Bodhi tree under which the Buddha, through the enactment of one-pointedness, attained Nirvana. Journeying deep inside himself, overcoming the illusions of fear, anxiety, greed, anger, and suffering, to reach the Truth. Asvattha - Engage. Enact. Embody.

We, here at Asvattha, take our inspiration from the Asvattha tree. The only tree with its root upwards and branches downwards, speaks of our intention here at Asvattha; to understand and bring to the surface the Unconscious, the hidden, the unspoken, in us. And through that awareness to reignite the fire of insight and understanding that lies dormant, suffocated by the demands of the world.

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